Actega launches new business line for metal packaging solutions

Actega, the specialist for packaging and printing, has brought its product portfolio for metal packaging and closures, the global technologies, the sales teams and the technical service groups together in its new Business Line Metal Packaging Solutions, which began operating form 1 July under the leadership of Wilfried Lassek, managing director of Actega DS GmbH.

The new business line is designed to boost synergies for the company’s product portfolio of coatings, compounds, printing inks and sealants. This is considered important within a market sector that is constantly changing in respect of sustainability, regulations, process efficiency and global operations.

The product range comprises sealing compounds for the food and beverage industry, oil- and water-based and UV printing inks, solvent- and water-based and UV coatings, as well as solvent-based and solvent-free adhesives. The markets served include metal packaging and closures.

According to Actega, this opens up the possibilities for perfect interplay. For example: the manufacture of all types of closures not only requires the appropriate sealing compound but also interior contact adhesives and exterior coatings and printing inks. Tin cans, aluminium bottles, tubes or other types of metal packaging require various coatings, printing inks and sealants. Actega’s top priority is to offer its customers safe and reliable solutions for these highly-regulated markets such as food or beverage packaging.

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  1. The market of metal packaging is expected to be driven by increasing population and changing consumers’ preference towards the packaged food products.

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