Jimmy’s switches to aluminium with BottleCan launch

Jimmy’s, the family-owned Iced Coffee brand, is now producing its entire range in aluminium vessels.

From 24 May, its hero products, Original and Mocha, will launch onto shelves in an infinitely recyclable ‘BottleCan™’ format. This is the next step in the brands aim and pledge to do better for the environment and set themselves apart with a standout on-shelf presence. Waitrose and Tesco in the UK will be among the first major supermarkets to unveil the new sustainable packaging.

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, which is sold nationally and internationally, was previously packaged in Tetra Pak cartons. While 100% recyclable, the bio-cap is plastic. The company has transitioned its Original and Mocha Iced Coffee into 275ml aluminium BottleCans.

The two SKUs join Jimmy’s Iced Flat White range, which launched in March last year in 250ml aluminium slim cans. The BottleCan introduces a new shape to the market, but also continues to provide a resealable format with a wide-necked top.

Moving from Tetra Pak to cans across its range will save the company nine million plastic lids a year. Moving to cans will make it more convenient for consumers to recycle.

Following the launch in Waitrose and Tesco on 24 May, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee will also be sold in BP in June, with an RRP of £1.85.

The brand also aims to roll out further distribution, working in partnership with Molson Coors.

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