Water in recycled aluminium bottles provided at G7 Summit

Spring water bottled in 100% recycled aluminium by company Re:Water was provided to delegates at the G7 summit from 11-13 June in Cornwall, UK.

Using recycled aluminium creates 95% fewer carbon emissions compared to new aluminium. The English pure spring water is bottled at source in Herefordshire and the bottles can be refilled, reused and recycled.

Research has shown that by refilling and reusing just 2.5 times, the added carbon emissions needed to create the Re:Water bottle are offset. Additionally, it is a one-piece material product, meaning it is easy to recycle at roadside recycling points.

Prior to the summit, environment ministers of the G7 countries issued a statement saying they are committed to protecting the land and the ocean and to slow biodiversity loss by 2030. Signatories to an open letter signed by a number of key businesses and campaigners called on governments to tackle the growing issue of plastic pollution at this year’s G7 summit (published on Thursday 27 May) saying there needs to be a focus on plastic.

Matt Crocker, co-founder of Re:Water, said: “Effecting consumer behaviour must be a priority for governments, making sustainable, ethical choices easy. It’s refreshing to see the G7 Summit leading by example, reducing plastic with Re:Water – a sustainable and convenient alternative to plastic.”

The company supplied more than 5,000 bottles of spring water for the three-day event.

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