Small Beer releases core range into cans

Image: Small Beer

Small Beer, a UK, London-based brewery specialising in producing lower alcohol beers, has launched three of its core brews into 330ml aluminium cans.

“Today’s bottle and can filling technologies mean that both offer exceptional quality and each lends itself better to certain occasions,” said the brewery’s co-founder Felix James. “Between production and consumption, cans are more environmentally friendly than bottles on virtually every front.

“Cans are significantly lighter than bottles, they hold more volume, and they stack neatly in slabs for efficient transport. As cans are also flexible rather than brittle, they are far less likely to be damaged in transit than bottles, which helps to reduce wastage in a modern ecommerce sales environment.”

Small Beer’s Lager, Session Pale and IPA are all now available to buy online in cans, while the company will continue to bottle and keg all five of its core beers.

James added: “Despite holding more beer than a typical 330ml long neck bottle, our Small Beer Bottles are 20% lighter and their shorter necks allow for 40% more beer to fit on a pallet, further reducing our carbon footprint with each delivery versus other beers.

“As the UK recycling rate continues to improve and the growth in aluminium demand settles, we’ll hopefully reach a stage when recycled aluminium stock outweighs demand, at which point the argument will likely swing towards Small Beer cans.”

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