Ball’s fire-hit plant fully operational again

Ball Packaging Europe’s beverage can plant in Wrexham, UK, is fully operational again.

The company suffered a fire at the plant on 22 July. The fire was detected at a machine which applies a coating to the rim of the can. According to an external expert the source of ignition was probably an external power dip in the plant. There were no injuries to the workforce.

The company was initially able to restart production off two lines just a day after the fire happenned. All four production lines are now up and running after the fourth line restarted.

In a statement the company said: “Ball Packaging Europe regards health and safety as a number one priority and takes all necessary measures to prevent hazards including fire. Ball routinely assesses all equipment in its plants for CE compliance, fire safety and operational safety. The company undertakes regular fire trainings with the workforce. These preventive measures have resulted in damage limitation to the Wrexham plant and ensured the continued safety of all employees. Close cooperation of all functional teams at Ball Packaging Europe and the swift implementation of action plans have helped to significantly reduce any business interruption and to meet immediate supply requirements of customers.”

The plant produces about two billion beverage cans per year, mainly for soft drinks and beer. It was founded in 1979 and has a workforce of 210 employees.

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