Winners announced for CanTech the Grand Tour Awards 2024

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CanTech the Grand Tour saw the crowing of a fantastic line up of worthy winners at the Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner on Wednesday 27 March at the ITC Hotel, Mumbai.

Aerosols – WINNER

Bharat Containers, for its Wild Stone range of deodorants for McNroe Consumer Products.

The designs in this range draw inspiration from a variety of metals including steel, gold, iridium and copper, with each can featuring a brushed metallic finish.

Beverage two-piece – WINNER

Canpack, for its 250ml sparkling water can.

This can is crafted with the aim of promoting plastic-free hydration solutions, and its size offers convenience and practicality for consumers.

Decorative three-piece – WINNER

Canpack for its Black Pearl beer can.

The print registration on this can is excellent down to its minute design detail. Canpack’s printing technology uses minimal pressure to create fine, intricate lines for the graphics.

Ends/caps/closures – WINNER

Maharashtra Metal Works for its Nicotex tin can.

The company is the primary packaging company for this Nicotine product on behalf of Cipla pharmaceuticals. The Nicotex can offers an easy but incredibly secure open and close end.

Decorative/speciality food – WINNER

Jenson & Nicholson for its rectangular milk powder tin.

This product was developed in order to encourage brands to move away from paper boxes for infant powder. The product features tinplate from Tata Steel and Perstima; BPA-NI UV inks from INX, and BPA-NI internal and external lacquers from Valspar.

Food three-piece – WINNER

Hindustan Tin Works for its 1kg Haldiram’s Rasgulla and Gulab Jamun cans.

Hindustan has been working on lightweighting this can with the Haldiram’s brand and has successfully achieved an overall reduction of approximately 17.4 per cent.

Innovation – WINNER

JJ Enterprise for its beauty beading can.

This three-piece can features a form of beading designed to enhance the printed artwork on the can, rather than disturb it.

Supreme Winner

Canpack for its Black Pearl beer can.

The jury was impressed by the eye-catching print registration and detailing, making it a worthy winner!

The winning Canpack team.

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