Bausch & Ströbel completes purchase of Wilco

German-based Bausch & Ströbel has acquired Wilco AG, a manufacturer of leak testers for empty aluminium aerosol cans, which is based in Switzerland.

Wilco president Martin Lehmann (pictured left) and the managing partners of Bausch & Ströbel, Siegfried Bullinger (pictured right) and Markus Ströbel, are confident that the two companies will complement each other well. The deal was completed in December 2012 at Wilco’s headquarters in Wohlen.

For 45 years Bausch & Ströbel has been producing machines and production lines for the industrial processing of pharmaceuticals in liquid and powder form. These range from semi-automatic laboratory machines to highly complex production lines processing containers such as vials, bottles, syringes, ampoules or cartridges.

Wilco AG is a leading manufacturer of leak testing systems for the pharmaceutical, metal container, plastic container, food and beverage and automotive industries.

“With the combined know-how from both companies we see opportunities resulting from the cooperation in research, development and in marketing,” says Bullinger.

Martin Lehmann, who founded Wilco AG in 1971, says the future of the company and its 110 employees were his top priority when finding a new owner. He will remain CEO of Wilco AG.



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