Coca-Cola aims for multi-pack and thermochromic strategy

Drinks giant Coca-Cola sees thermochromic technology and a new twist on multi-packs as the way to win over consumers.

Speaking on the first day of the International Metal Decorators Association (IMDA) meeting in Chicago in the US, a senior Coca-Cola man explained the company’s strategy for cans.

Coca-Cola’s package development manager, Alejandro Santamaria, explained the company has finally cracked thermochromic ink and was trialing a new way to sell multi-pack cans.

He also explained that Coke had, over the last four years, reduced can weight by 7% and at the same time cut complaints about can quality by 23%.

Santamaria revealed Coca-Cola was testing its new variety station in ten outlets in Tennessee and Kentucky.
The stations allow the consumer to buy eight cans of Coca-Cola branded drinks but doesn’t restrict them to one line of the brand.

Santamaria said the of the variety station, he said, “Merchants are having a hard time keeping these things full.”

He went on to say thermochromic cans were something the company had thought about for a long time, but hadn’t been able to get to work for them.

Now the company had produced a range to be released this summer but only at 7/11 stores.

He added, “Ice buckets will be placed at the cashiers so the customers can see the cans in action.”

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