CTI launches Sunlight Inks range

Chromatic Technologies is launching a range of Sunlight Inks for decoration applications in the can manufacturing industry.

CTI claims that Sunlight Inks are the first photochromic inks that provide fast kinetics which turn on rapidly when sunlight hits it, repeatability which enables the ink to turn ‘on and off,’ a broad color spectrum offering, and durability in the sun.

“We are committed to helping brands win the summer, tailgating and other popular outdoor usage occasions,” explained Patrick Edson, chief marketing officer for CTI. “Sunlight Inks create ‘theater-in-the hand’ for a brand’s audience: a consumer walks outside and, in seconds, the Sunlight Inks transform their product from clear to colorful reminders of their product choice, activity or social media involvement regarding the product they are using or consuming.

“Our dedicated innovation team includes CTI’s chemists and inventors committed to the can manufacturing market. Our goal is to ensure every can in the world is interactive with a consumer and that it dramatizes a brand’s positioning,” Edson added.

Sunlight Inks can be applied to the can itself or its secondary packaging.

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