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With Berlin now only three weeks away, the 2016 edition of the event is really starting to gather some momentum. Turkish can producer Sarten Ambalaj has become the latest can maker to lend its support to Euro CanTech 2016.

Founded in 1972, Sarten is one of the leading can makers in Turkey and the Middle East and their product range includes food cans, aerosols, twist off caps and easy open ends.

This week our events team have confirmed that chief executive officer, Zeki Sarıbekir and marketing director, Haluk Giray will be attending Euro CanTech. With a number of can makers including Crown Holdings, Ball Corporation and Rexam also having confirmed attendance, the show promises to be a terrific networking opportunity for the whole trade to enjoy.

I am looking forward to compering our inaugural ‘Candid Forum’, which I’m sure will provide some thought-provoking and challenging questions for our panel. We are just finalising our questions next week, so please get in touch if there is a pressing topic you would like to see discussed.

On a magazine front, the April issue is shaping up nicely with CanTech debutant, Vladislav Vorotnikov, assessing whether the can making industry in the Ukraine is experiencing a new wave of cold war politics. We also bring you a Cannex preview, a look at nitrogen technology in the beer industry and an update on ends testing.

As always, please get in touch if you require more information regarding Euro CanTech.

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