I have finally succumbed to the pressure and created a Twitter account for CanTech International. You can follow us by clicking on the Twitter logo at the top of the CanTech website or by searching for CanTechIntl.

The great thing about this particular social networking site is that you can find and follow groups that are linked to the industry you work in. This in turn creates an active news feed and allows you to keep up to date with what is happening.

I’ve already come across the Can Museum which describes itself as an international collaboration of beverage cans for the enjoyment of everyone around the world. The website www.canmuseum.com adds: “This is a place that was created by can collectors for all can collectors and anyone with a general interest in beverage cans or can collecting. This is a free community site which means that it is open to everyone to contribute their cans to the Can Museum.”

It is amazing to see how many can fans and collectors are out there. Although I write about the industry on a daily basis I can honestly say that this is the first time I’ve ever come across anything like this.

I also came across CANFEST – the original canned beer festival born in Reno, Nevada. The annual event brings canned beer from all over the world to one room for a night of appreciating the aluminium. Now that sounds like it’s worth a visit!

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