Beans means Heinz 

After Asia CanTech there is no let up for the CanTech editorial team, as our digital editor Kat Skeates visits Nuremberg for BrauBeviale to find out the latest innovations in the can making filling segment.

And that’s not all, as next week I pay a visit to SavvyCan in Thessaloniki, Greece, to find out more about the company’s recent exploits, and also about how the Greek can making market is developing.

As a publication I think it’s a real strength of ours, in bringing you the inside track from across the globe. We’re not a publication to sit in our ivory towers reporting, and long may that continue.

On another note, it has been nice to see some television coverage here in the UK for can making and the filling process. On prime time British television, a programme titled ‘Inside the Factory’ recently examined the journey of the humble baked bean can and profiled Heinz’ baked bean factory in Wigan, UK. More importantly, the programme focused on the journey of a discarded baked bean can and the resulting recycling process.

Even for those of you well aware of the process, it’s a fascinating watch. Be warned though, you do have to stomach Masterchef UK’s Greg Wallace! If you can pallet that, you’re in for a treat.

Here is the link –

Now for baked beans on toast…

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