Getting Savvy about cans

This blog comes to you from a very wet Thessaloniki in Northern Greece, which is familiar territory for me. For the past two days I’ve been learning about the can making industry in Greece.

Formed at the beginning of 2018, Savvy Can is endeavoring to inject new life into the can making industry in Greece, which has formed out of the ashes of a decimated economy in Greece.

The full report will be available in our December/January issue in a few week’s time, but I just wanted to share a couple of observations from my time here.

Savvy aims to fill 110 million cans across its three lines in its first year, manufacturing cans for apricots, milk and olives, mainly for the domestic market initially. In an economic environment as unstable as Greece, it’s certainly a brave move, but it’s something Savvy’s owner Athanasios Savakkis believes passionately in, and his ‘out of the box’ thinking is something that appears to be paying dividends.

Savvy’s office headquarters sits alongside the company’s other business – Biosolids, an organic waste management company. One of the main problems for fillers in Greece is the disposal of its waste. Biosolids offers an organic waste disposal service, compositing the waste and selling high value waste onto farmers, which is then used in the cultivation process of crops subsequently canned using Savvy cans. It’s the ultimate Circular Economy concept!

In an era of consolidation, it’s refreshing to see independent can makers bucking the trend and long may it continue. It’s a company certainly living up to its name so far…

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