Time flies

Last week signalled three years at the helm of CanTech International. Many thanks to those of you who wished me well on LinkedIn, it certainly goes to show what a friendly and close knit industry this is.

Before we break for the festive period, we will shortly be bringing to you our December/January 2019 issue. There certainly is a ‘look to the future’ feel, with Evert investigating the current health of the can making industry with the latest market trends. Richard Moore follows up his excellent presentation at Asia CanTech with an article on the potential for the industry due to current market conditions, and there’s a round up of Asia CanTech. There is plenty to get your teeth into for sure.

We have had some excellent entries for our Supplier Awards at next year’s The Grand Tour trade event. However, there still are some glaring omissions, so please don’t forget to enter. There will be more to follow on this in the New Year, so keep an eye on the usual channels.

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