Being ahead of the pack

Last week I was lucky enough to visit Brussels, for Metal Packaging Europe’s seminar on the Circular Economy.

Since its inception in 2018, the conference delegates were unanimously in favour of how the Circular Economy concept has been received.

However, Gordon Shade, president of Metal Packaging Europe, said that only three out of every four beverage, food and aerosol cans were being recycled, and just four out of every five cans being recycled overall. With one out of five not being recycled, there is still ‘leakage’ when it comes to the Circular Economy concept in Europe.

Likewise, Novelis’ Andy Doran highlighted how in beverage can recycling, countries like Finland and Belgium have a near 100% recycling rate. The caveat to that is countries like Greece and Latvia are running behind with rates at around 30%. This shows systems and policies need careful attention at an individual member state basis.

You can read the full report on this in our March issue.

This week we’ve been in Paris for the Aerosol and Dispensing Forum (ADF), where it has been great to catch up with can makers and their latest innovations. Our March issue will showcase Ball’s new 360 can, which offers personalisation across the whole container.

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