Means to an end

Image: Xiamen Baofeng

This blog comes to you from a rather cabin fever struck author, having endured a mammoth nine hour lay over at Hong Kong airport, so forgive my ramblings for this week. An occupational hazard I’m sure many of you are familiar with!

It all started so well, having had the pleasure of visiting Xiamen Baofeng, the largest end making facility globally. With three additional conversion presses set to be installed on 2019, it brings the company’s total to 23, and a capacity for 23 billion ends.

The visit was an excellent opportunity to find out how the company is innovating, and with the advent of QR codes and the like, Baofeng has a fascinating story to tell –  you can read the feature in our June issue. With the company frequently hitting the frame at various award ceremonies globally, it appears the company is doing something right…

With new technology on the radar for many in the industry, our correspondent Anne-Marie Hardie follows this up with the implications of AI to the can making business. A must read in our June issue for sure.

As we look ahead, it’s a busy time with Cannex and IMDPA on the agenda; be sure to get in touch if at either event.

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