A sign of the future- CBD?

At Bell Publishing we’ve been inundated with canned CBD products in the past few weeks. It certainly seems like a craze that seems no sign of slowing.

For the uninitiated, CBD refers to cannabidol, an active ingredient in cannabis derived from the hemp plant. Although it doesn’t help an individual get ‘high’, potential benefits are reportedly to do with relieving pain, reducing anxiety and depression, and promote calmness. Either way, it’s a trend the industry shouldn’t ignore.

It’s not an industry we’re particularly familiar with, so be sure to get in touch, as we’d like to explore this area in more detail, particularly the benefits to the can making business.

Miranda McRitchie, who many of you know from our Asia CanTech and CanTech The Grand Tour trade shows will be leaving us to go travelling. We wish her well, in which I’m sure will be the trip of a lifetime.

This blog will be back in a couple of weeks, as I’m off to get married next week. Maybe some of those CBD products will come in handy, to promote calmness about my upcoming nuptials…

Wish me luck!

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