Not bottling it

It appears canned wine has gone mainstream. Whether you know claret from your Beaujolais is immaterial, there are a wealth of options now at your disposal for ready to drink wine. And most importantly, most of these new products are in canned format and at an attractive price point.

With this in mind, the fact that Greencroft Bottling Company has partnered with Ardagh Group to launch the UK’s first large-scale wine canning line, shows the real intent for can maker’s to capitalise on this uptrend. Interestingly are the can sizes; 200ml and 250ml slimline cans, but also with scope to handle Ardagh’s new 187ml wine can format. Is it just me, or is 187ml a sip for gluttons like yours truly?

There’s no reason why the wine market can’t enjoy a fruitful period, much like the fledging ready to drink spirits market has recently. They’re sustainable, and have all the benefits of complementing the demands of modern society, where ease of consumption is oh so important. With the wealth of new products available, please don’t be shy in sending us in some samples; there are a ready-made team of experts at Bell Publishing HQ ready to give their opinion…

In other news, R N Murthy of Tata Tinplate India has been announced as the latest keynote speaker for February 2020’s CanTech The Grand Tour in New Delhi, India. The event is taking shape nicely, so please do get in touch with our events team to book in; it promises to be a terrific event.

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