Checking in from (not) so splendid isolation

I hope this blog finds our readers well, as we enter our second week of isolation here in the UK.

As it appears that the majority of us across the globe are in effective lockdown – to some degree or another – it’s the perfect time to while away a couple of hours by reading your latest version of CanTech International. To read the April issue, please click here.

For our May issue, it’s more of the same, as we bring you the latest regarding the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the can making industry. We’ll also have our roving reports Evert van de Weg and Anne-Marie Hardie assessing the implications from a can making and materials perspective; we’ll address the impact of the Russian can making market and we’re also hoping to get an update on the logistics side of things. As it’s such a time-sensitive issue, time is certainly of the essence, and we’re doing our best to bring you up to date information as and when it occurs, and as soon as possible.

We, of course, value our readers’ views, so be sure to get in touch and let us know your experiences, and how you’re coping with the lockdown.

Unfortunately, we’re lacking in April Fools’ jokes today, so you’ll get double next year – you’ve been warned…

Stay safe everyone.

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