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Our September issue sees an exclusive interview with CEO of Canpack, Roberto Villaquiran. The interview focuses on Canpack’s a state-of-the-art aluminium can body and ends manufacturing plant and the North American Center of Excellence.

For now, a sneak peak…

We assume the decision to construct the new plant had already been taken as a consequence of Canpack’s expectation of structural growth due to the beverage can market in the US?

Roberto Villaquiran: Our customers are among the largest beverage producers in the world, and to truly be their partner, we need to be here, in the US. Canpack is a great company, with a phenomenal growth platform and we are absolutely thrilled to be entering the US market where we will be better able to serve our global customers’ beverage can needs.

The decision about entering the US market was made before the coronavirus outbreak, and the reason for choosing Pennsylvania and more importantly the northeast of the country is the fact that more than 60 per cent of the consumption in the US is placed here.

Is Pennsylvania a logical place for the new plant, looking at the distance to important brand owners? There may certainly be some ‘nostalgic’ considerations as well?

Villaquiran: Canpack selected Olyphant (PA) because of its talented labour pool in an affordable and attractive region of Pennsylvania, with great highway access and a business-friendly environment. The site itself is the perfect size, and we are very excited about the potential this site brings once restored to productive use.

For the full interview, be sure to read our latest issue, which goes to press at the end of next week.

But first, don’t forget to check in on our Supplier Profile issue. With the essential guide to the supplier’s side of the industry, it should be your first port of call, if looking for the latest industry information: www.cantechonline.com/issue/25751/august-2020/.

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