Rising to the challenge

Hello everyone. It is good to be back as interim editor of CanTech International. In case anyone doesn’t know I previously edited the title between 2009 and 2013 and thoroughly enjoyed my time working in the sector.

I have always kept a close eye on developments at CanTech and Alex has done great work for the magazine, taking this quality publication from strength to strength. I know you will be sorry to see him leave and that is probably the highest measure of his value.

A lot has changed during my time away from the industry and developments in metal packaging continue at a rapid pace. In the UK we’re about to go into another national lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Although I’m hopeful that we won’t see a repeat of the panic buying scenes that the country witnessed before the first lockdown, demand for canned products will likely increase.

This same scenario is playing out across many countries in the world and it does represent opportunities for the canning sector. Whether you’re a manufacturer, supplier or filler – I’m sure you’re all ready for the uptake in demand.

In times of crisis consumers often purchase additional stocks of canned products, fearing that food supply shortages could be about to occur due to supply chain issues.

Of course, this can then have the knock on-effect of causing can production disruption, but my view is that the sector’s depth of experience, innovation and determination will ensure that any extra demand is met.

Hopefully 2021 will bring better times for everyone and I look forward to playing my part in helping to share the good news from the industry. Do get in touch if you’d like to share your stories.

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