A grand affair

Today has been a busy day for the CanTech team, with our virtual Grand Tour in full swing.

The day began with a welcome from myself, and we then went onto our first speaker which was Alexis Van Mercke, secretary general of APEAL, who spoke to us about the Association’s views on recyclability for 21st century tinplate.

Sami’s sales specialist manager Stefano Severi then guided us through some of Sacmi’s developments in technology that are benefitting metal sheet production.

After our first short break, Trivium Packaging’s sustainable partnership & ecosystem director, Alice Bazzano, presented some in-depth findings from the company’s Buying Green Report, explaining how consumer viewpoints vary across demographics, regions, and over time.

Next, managing director Dr Stephan Rothe from OEG shared a presentation with detailed insights into how OEG’s customers can achieve increased productivity through reliable and accurate tool measurement.

Our final speaker was Heiner Müller, sales director, packaging, for CGS ORIS, who concluded the day of insightful presentations with some video demonstrations and more detail about CGS ORIS’ Flex Pack system, which produces colour-accurate packaging proofs, mock-ups and samples.

After our lunch break, the virtual day was then rounded off by our can awards, which featured the following category winners:

  • Beverage two-piece: Crown Packaging‘s Aha canned water
  • Food two-piece: Trivium Packaging‘s Titus sardine tins
  • Two-piece decorative: Crown‘s Römerquelle flavoured water
  • Decorative: The Box‘s Berlin Wall cake tins
  • Innovation: Canpack‘s anodised beverage cans
  • Bottle can: Trivium‘s Sandara wine can

Congratulations to Crown, Trivium, Canpack and The Box!

The awards also saw a Grand Winner, which was chosen behind the scenes of today’s virtual event. The jury chose Canpack for its anodised beverage cans. The patented method of anodisation enables coloured interference coating on the surface of the can, creating a dazzling colour-changing effect. Canpack’s product really stands out from the crowd and is a worthy Grand Winner.

If you missed out on any of the above today, don’t worry! If you were already registered and couldn’t make it, or even if you still want to register, all our speaker presentations and awards ceremony will be available on-demand for you to watch at your leisure. There will also be a review of the Grand Tour in the July 2022 issue of CanTech.

Thanks to everyone who contributed today: our wonderful speakers, our sponsor Roeslein, and of course our visitors.

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