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Aluminium is now making it possible for astronauts to safely pop open a bottle of champagne in space. You heard that right. Aluminium is a core material in many aspects of space travel, and now it’s serving an even more elite and niche purpose.

Maison Mumm has announced the introduction of new Cordon Rouge Stellar, the first champagne that can be tasted in space and that will embark on future human space flights.

The bottle itself is glass, but is protected in an aeronautical-grade aluminium shell, which makes up part of the product’s three part design. The other two parts are its stainless steel opening-closing device, and its neck which is topped by a cork and ring, (which allows the cork to be retained and locks the bottle’s stainless steel mechanism).

The product has, according to Maison Mumm, been in research and development for four years in order to achieve full compliance with a complex set of space requirements. It really does boggle the mind knowing that people dedicate so much time to researching such possibilities.

According to European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut, Jean-François Clervoy, “In space, there is a loss of temporal reference points and terrestrial habits. For both balance and well-being, it is essential to maintain a link with Earth and its culture. As a terrestrial symbol of the art of living, champagne has this universal appeal.” I wouldn’t put champagne down as the first thing that would remind me of the ‘art of living’ on Earth, but I guess it certainly beats the feeling of opening a standard can or pouch on board your spacecraft? Cordon Rouge Stellar also has an elegant and futuristic look about it thanks to the aluminium finish, while still retaining the shape of a traditional champagne bottle.

What next for metal packaging? The possibilities are clearly astronomical.

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