Changing perceptions of canned foods

– I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Atit Bhatia – senior vice president of Hindustan Tin Works and member of our editorial advisory board – who provided some great insight into the current state of the can making market in India.

Noting the fact that the canned food market in the country is not growing at present, it is believed that Indians are simply not used to buying food in cans, as many consumers believe that it doesn’t feel fresh or taste good.

Thus, there was an apparent need to change this consumer perception, with the hope that by describing the advantages that canned food can offer, it might encourage more consumers to consider these types of products.

As a result, the Everyone Can Cook book was published, which is reportedly the first ever cook book purely for recipes relating to canned foods. It has already proven successful, and it is anticipated that this will begin to change the consumer’s mentality in the region.

Away from the canned foods sector, the good news is that non-food canned products are proving highly successful – which is especially true for canned tobacco products – and there has also been a noticeable rise in the use of aerosol products of late. A full round-up of aerosol trends, detailed by Atit Bhatia, will appear in our November issue.

– In the meantime, we are now less than four weeks away from Asia CanTech, taking place in Surabaya, Indonesia on 11-13 November. We have assembled an impressive range of keynote speakers, including Tarun Daga (The Tinplate Company of India), John Bigley (Ardagh Group), and Hiroshi Ueno (Universal Can Corporation). Their presentations will be of great interest to all can makers, fillers and their suppliers, and there’s still time to register: visit for more information.

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