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Image: Ball Corporation

Ball Corporation has announced the launch of Ball Digital Printing in Brazil, offering an infinite number of colours in high resolution to help bring brands closer to consumers


Ball Corporation is set to elevate both the metal packaging business and consumer experience with the introduction of Ball Digital Printing.

The new technology allows for the printing of photographic quality images on beverage cans using an infinite number of colours, as well as unique and customised labels. The innovation has been developed in response to a demand from the beverage market for label customisation using a faster process and requiring smaller batches. With this launch, Ball is able to serve filling companies wanting different images on their cans with a resolution of up to 600 DPI in RGB format, a much higher quality than the 85 DPI resolution traditionally used for printing in the market today.

The aluminium beverage can has been around for just over three decades in South America, playing an important role in communicating marketing campaigns for major beverage brands. Now, Ball says it is proud to welcome in a new era for the packaging industry. 

“Ball Digital Printing raises our communication ability to even greater levels. The can is no longer just a container used to transport beverages, but it is now consolidated as a premium communication channel that can deliver new experiences to consumers while still on the shelves,” said Hugo Magalhães, director of marketing and business development for Ball South America.

While traditional can printing is based on the combination of five colours, in addition to white, Ball Digital Printing enables beverage companies to roll out complex campaigns using an infinite number of colours, to bring realism and plurality to their packages. The result, states Ball, is a sustainable aluminium can with photographic quality in the hands of consumers who are looking for convenience and exclusivity.

Another great advantage of this innovation is flexibility: from the possibility of producing smaller batches to having completely different cans in the same launch, Ball Digital Printing will enable brands to roll out actions related to campaigns in the Metaverse and with NFTs, the company says.

“Beverage producers will be able to develop cans for special occasions to meet the needs of their main customers, including, for instance, a canned water with the brand of a large hotel chain, a canned wine for a renowned restaurant or even a beer especially developed for the tour of a famous band in the country. With the new technology, the can will have an even greater leading role on communication campaigns, bringing brands closer to consumers,” said Magalhães.

“The possibilities become endless, with the aluminium can of your favourite beverage becoming a ticket for concerts in the metaverse or an exclusive artwork in the hands of collectors, for instance,” he added.

Ball Digital Printing was born at the Can Experience, the world’s most complete can design hub located at Ball’s Jacareí plant, in Vale do Paraíba (São Paulo State) – the same region that is home to Ball’s headquarters in South America. The idea is to serve Brazilian customers with the technology and to establish new partnerships throughout the country.

Brazil is the cradle of this technology, but the company says it expects to scale up the innovation and expand it to other regions in the future. 

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