Exhibitors at Metpack: part 1

Image: Schuchrat Kurbanov/©MESSE ESSEN GmbH

Antares Vision Group

Hall 3, Stand 3A12

Antares Vision Group (AVG) is a world leader in providing machine vision inspection systems for the rigid container industry. Propelled by a spirit of innovation spanning more than 25 years, the technology of Applied Vision Corporation powers Antares Vision Group’s ability to set standards for can manufacturers across the globe for beverage, food and aerosol inside can and end inspections, in addition to the industry’s most advanced decoration and colour inspection.

At Metpack, AVG will be demonstrating the capabilities of its Cyclops, Genius and Orion G6 platforms, used for inspecting converted ends, inside can and colorimetric decoration inspection, respectively. In addition, AVG now offers digitalisation of production information through serialisation, track & trace, and digital factory to complement its physical inspection capabilities. Stop by the booth to let Antares Vision Group know how to help.

Cyclops equipment. Image: AVG


Hall 3, Stand 3A61

Belvac will be showcasing two machines at its stand at Metpack. The Servo Belvac Necker (SBN), the newest model of The Belvac Necker, will be unveiled for the first time to the industry. The SBN utilises advanced servo motor control technology, allowing for every turret to independently rotate. Ideal for quicker tooling changeovers and resolving can jam situations, it significantly reduces downtime with faster synchronisation and system resets.

Rated up to 3600cpm, the electrical consumption is up to 15% lower than the standard motor and gearbox configuration. The new guarding system, RAVE Guarding, utilises rapid access high speed industrial doors fitted for all TBN models.

Belvac’s flagship Decorator, rated at 2200cpm, with an eight-colour print application, will also be on display. The Decorator is designed for the highest quality print capability and the lowest cost of operation. The Belvac Printing Sleeve, the latest decorator innovation designed to reduce registration related downtime by up to 97%, will be displayed. This innovation utilises direct laser engraving, reaching up to 120LPI and producing the highest definition printing results.


Hall 3, Stand 3D40

Bunting will exhibit its full line of magnetic cylinder products for two-piece can decorators, and its line of conveying equipment and components for steel three-piece cans at the Metpack exhibition.

Canline Systems

Hall 3, Stand 3D61

Canline Systems, with offices in the Netherlands and the USA, is a supplier of high-quality line conveying systems and services to can and end makers in the food & beverage industry. Together with sister company, NPB, Canline helps customers to maintain world class production. Not only for full conveying lines, but also for line upgrades and brownfields, Canline has an attractive portfolio of products and services in place.

Within Canline’s ambition to be the partner of choice, it is developing its business based on the key topics which are top of mind for its customers, e.g. improvement of OPEX, sustainability, innovations and servitisation. Canline also puts high emphasis on co-operating with key suppliers in the industry to brighten the future of can making.

Canline air track. Image: Canline


Hall 1, Stand 1B17

CanNeed has launched new developments to the market that will be on display at Metpack.

The CanNeed-ACTG-2000, a fully Automatic Optical Coating Thickness Gauge with unattended mode, adopts non-contact optical measurement technology to measure the thickness and weight of dry film.

CanNeed-AOBMS-2000 is an automatic can measure system for back end with unattended operation. It’s adopted a non-contact laser way to automatically measure flange width (C), can height (H), inner can mouth diameter (B), bottom arch depth (D), flanging Angle (E), roll seal clearance (J), reforming diameter (R), reforming height (F), minimum diameter of can bottom (G) of two-piece cans.

CanNeed-ADER-C6000 is a fully automatic digital enamel rater with unattended operation. It measures the coverage, the compactness and the electric current value of the enamel coating inside beverage cans. With doublestation measurement, two can types can be tested at one time, measuring eight cans per minute.

Image: CanNeed


Hall 1, Stand 1B15

CIE will be an exhibitor at the Metpack show for the fourth year in a row.

The company will bring its pride in being one of the leading European companies in design, development, manufacture and installation of standard wastewater plants and Zero Liquid Discharge plants use and reuse.

CIE will take the opportunity to talk about its experiences and about Pur-All: a patented technology that realises ZLD plants without sophisticated and expensive technologies such as RO and evaporation.

Pur-All leaves the possibility to be used as a standard WWP or as ZLD as per local necessity. One plant, two purposes: standard purification or ZLD.


Hall 3, Stand 3C41

This Metpack is edition number eight for ibea. The company will present the newest technology for Ibea vision, driven by KI and deep learning. Ibea will showcase the decor twister and its new self-learning inspection systems Cube & CS System.

IMF Engineering

Hall 1, Stand 1E33 

IMF Engineering is located in North Italy’s industrial area and is a centre of excellence in the surface finishing of any metal manufactured product.

In the food and cosmetic packaging industry, IMF is specialised in washing machines and dryers for monobloc aerosol cans, end of line washers and dryers for aluminium bottles, and washers and dryers for mass production of beverage cans. IMF also offers curing ovens for inside lacquering, as well as deco ovens, again for the monobloc aerosol industry.

In the chemical and food packaging industry, IMF offers the most updated technology for automatic painting booths and multiple-lane curing ovens for 220 litre drums.

IMF completes its offer as a turnkey system by including wastewater treatment and afterburners for the air treatment. All IMF’s equipment is customised to meet customer expectations.

Industrial Physics

Hall 3, Stand 3D29

Industrial Physics – a global packaging, product, and material test and inspection partner – will be attending Metpack in May. It is Industrial Physics’ purpose to protect the integrity of its customers’ brand and products.

Throughout this event, the company be showcasing a variety of products, such as its CMCKUHNKE SEAMScan XTS III, which offers a nondestructive solution for seam inspection that results in sustainable and cost-effective solutions, or its TQC Sheen CAT – an instrument that ensures cans are durable enough to maintain their integrity during transit.

With a wealth of solutions for the metal packaging industry available, Industrial Physics will find its customers the equipment that works best.


Hall 3, Stand 3E41

Innosen is thrilled to present its latest range of cutting-edge metal packaging inspection solutions at the upcoming Metpack. The newest product lineup showcases Innosen’s continued commitment to innovation and advanced technology in the metal packaging industry. See the newest IS9651 Hoverprobe II, a system that provides fast and accurate results with improved design for better handling and user-friendliness.

Another product that Innosen is launching at the show is the IS670 Missing Side Seam Lacquer Detector – a sensor that can quickly detect and identify missing lacquer on the side seam of cans, ensuring that every can produced is of the highest quality.

Innosen has been a trusted partner in the metal packaging industry for over two decades. Innosen’s solutions are designed to meet the highest quality standards and help customers improve their production efficiency while reducing waste. Visit the company at its Metpack stand to see the latest products and experience innovation first-hand.

INX International Ink Co

Hall 3, Stand 3C15

At Metpack, INX will offer new and proven solutions, including INX Color Perfection presentations. The brand and colour management programme includes the first ever Color Catalog for beverage cans, to help users streamline their design process.

The AP EcoCan two-piece metal ink system is formulated with low VOC and BPA-NI for aluminium and coated steel beverage cans. These inks provide high-speed metal decorators with excellent transfer, superb abrasion resistance, lower misting, and environmentally-friendly printing.

In step with the PFASNI compliance initiative, INX has reformulated all UV curable flat sheet metal decorating ink products. This includes AP Tactile Plus, INXCureÒ PrintPro EU (mercury vapor lights), and INXCureÒ PrintPro LED (LED bulbs), which are free of per and polyfluoroalkyl substances and formulated with European food safety regulations in mind. Both are fast curing and produce excellent printability and fabrication at high press speeds.

INX will also showcase its digital solutions for beverage can printing, including ink and digital printing platforms and integration services.

IST Metz 

Hall 2, Stand 2A25

With IST Metz’s BLK product range, there is an extraordinary increase in drying performance compared to conventional systems without increasing the lamp power. This means more productivity at reduced operating costs. The UV system can be individually integrated into the press and the dryers are easily accessible for maintenance purposes. The space requirement is significantly lower compared to thermal drying.

The air-cooled MBSc is based on a modular system and can be used variably. In addition, the system is designed for mixed operation with LED-UV and prepared for a possible technology changeover to LED-UV. With a high output of 200 W/cm, the compact and powerful UV unit is used wherever users place high demands on the curing of cups and tubes. The MBSc features specially doped lamps with ballasts that are precisely matched to them. The URS reflector technology has a significantly higher reflectance than conventional reflectors.

Image: IST Metz

Jorson Technology

Hall 3, Stand 3B29

Jorson Technology provides turnkey project solutions, including can body making lines, can end making lines, drum making lines, and lamination lines. Jorson’s experienced service team will help its customers make projects successful.

Jorson’s state-of-the-art powder coating system (pictured) offers satisfaction performance, including applications for side stripe, pail lug welding points, square can end handle welding point protection, as well as special spot coating applications. See Jorson’s equipment displayed at Metpack.

Powder coating system. Image: Jorson Technology

Klinghammer Group

Hall 3, Stand 3B32

Klinghammer Group from Braunschweig, Germany, has been building machines for the mechanical expansion of welded can bodies for the production of shaped cans for many years.

At Metpack, Klinghammer is introducing two new developments.

The first is the transfer slide, which moves the bodies out of the conveyor star onto the expanding tools and back, was driven pneumatically.

This drive contributed significantly to the compressed air consumption of the expanding machines. Now, a linear axis with servo motor is used instead of the pneumatic cylinder. This new solution offers many advantages, as compressed air consumption and associated costs are significantly reduced. Product changeover is also easier.

The second new development concerns the machines’ cooling system. The expanding tools are driven by a hydraulic unit and the oil must be cooled. Until now, this was done via an oil-water cooler, which required an external supply of cooling water. Now, an oil-air cooler is used. The cooling system is completely integrated into the machine, so that the external provision of cooling water and the associated supply lines can be eliminated.

KMP Co Ltd

Hall 1, Stand 1E09

As a metal decorator, KMP provides various types of printed/lacquered sheets for can manufactures and food companies.

Image: KMP


Hall 3, Stand 3D39

Lacueva will be present at the Metpack exhibition with projects offering complete lines that have just arrived in the company’s warehouse. Lacueva has just received 20 truckloads of machinery that visitors to the stand can be informed about personally. The company also continues with the rebuilding of machines.

Image: Lacueva


Hall 2, Stand 2A29

As one of the world’s largest packaging companies, Nafcel offers exclusive and innovative solutions that are at the forefront of the packaging industry.

Nafcel is participating in Metpack 2023 with a display of its diverse variety of easy open ends, manufactured at its world-class facility.

Image: Nafcel

Rainer Naroska Engineering

Hall 3, Stand 3B61 

Rainer Naroska Engineering is a traditional and globally active manufacturer of machines and turnkey production lines for the metal packaging industry. The core business comprises design, construction, installation and maintenance of manufacturing equipment for food cans, glass and bottle closures and general line components.

During its 77-year history, responding to the world market demands for innovative press and tool technology, the company has acquired a vast amount of expert knowledge that allows it to be flexible to the ever-new challenges in its business. Following on from the outstanding success of its machines for lug caps and two-piece cans, Rainer Naroska Engineering will now, at Metpack 2023, present innovations for the production of aluminium caps, aerosol can ends, EOE and peel-off ends.

Image: Rainer Naroska Engineering

Nippon Steel Corporation

Hall 3, Stand 3B21

NSC will be exhibiting its first ever Metpack booth at this year’s event. The booth will present EZP (chromate-free tinplate) and Laminated Steel Product, which are steel plate products for environmentally friendly containers. EZP is a chromate-free tinplate developed to meet strict environmental regulations as well as customers’ supply requirements. Laminated Steel Product is a steel sheet primarily made up of Tin Free Steel laminated with a PET, PP, or PE resin film. It has superior performance with respect to food safety and environmental regulations. Additionally, NSC will use the booth to present the ‘Nippon Steel Corporation Carbon Neutral Vision 2050,’ which details the company’s unique approaches to climate change issues.

Nippon Steel will also present EZP at a conference to be held during the trade fair. This presentation will examine current chromium-related regulatory trends and describe EZP’s manufacturing process, performance and compliance in the area of food safety.

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