November/December 2009


  • New Products: New cans and ends in the market place
  • Equipment News: The latest machinery and equipment for the can line
  • Candid: Saket Bhatia, senior vice president marketing, Hindustan Tin Works Ltd


  • Ready to Impress: Research is key to efforts at Impress to make a better can. Suzanne Christiansen visits the company’s R&D centre in Crosmières, France
  • Pack2pack is back: Reconditioning of drums and IBCs is a complex procedure and one company is emerging as a major player in this specialised field. Evert van der Weg reports
  • Hanil Can has a beer: Consumption of beer in cans by younger people in South Korea is having an edifying effect on the market there. David Hayes reports
  • Keep spraying: Despite some signs now showing that the UK is coming out of recession, the aerosol industry has had to withstand some serious pressure. Alec Peachey talks to Sue Rogers
  • I hear footsteps …: With an office filled with cans and Harley Davidson models, Gary Alexander is one of the can making industry’s more colourful figures. CanTech International visited Stockton, California, to meet him
  • The future is metal: Dr. Hans Jordi is a board member and CEO of Hoffmann Neopac AG in Thun, Switzerland and president of the International Packaging Association, IPA. Suzanne Christiansen catches up with him
  • A brighter future: When floods destroyed Sencon’s old premises the company hit a low point, but the opening of its new site marks a new era. Alec Peachey reports

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