Torus releases new model

Torus will be launching the new Z605 automatic end buckle and burst gauge model at Cannex on 27-29 April.

This model offers customers the ability to perform both end buckle and burst tests without the need for changing parts. The operator loads a batch of ends into the gauge to initiate both the buckle and burst tests. The collated data is then quickly exported to the customer’s SPC data acquisition system for analysis, by utilising a modular design principle, additional measurement stations can be added for multi-size capability (200-300 diameter ends).

Ends are collected from operator loaded hopper cassettes and placed into the dedicated tooling area, precisely clamping and securing the end in position. Pressure is then applied until the end buckles or reaches a maximum specifiable pressure before finishing the test. Operators are presented with graphical information about buckle and burst performance as well as numerical data for SPC analysis and pass/fail classifications.


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