Rexam adds designs to German energy drink

Rexam has continued its work with German drinks company, BLC Black Labels, to package three new flavours for its energy drink brand, Schwarze Eule. Using Rexam’s 250ml slim format and its value added matt over varnish.

In keeping with the brand’s original designs, each design displays colours reflecting the essence of its flavour. Against matt-black backgrounds, Moringa features blue detailing linking it to its ingredients from the African Moringa Tree. The limited edition 2016, a special edition of its Classic Energy flavour, displays red and yellow, Germany’s national colours, highlighting the brand’s support of the national side during the Euro 2016 football tournament. Schwarze Eule’s Sugar Free flavour is set against a white background, whilst maintaining the original yellow detailing.

Rolf Fritsch, general manager at BLC Black Labels, said: “The outcome of this project highlights Rexam’s hard work and technical accuracy and also clearly illustrates the credentials of the beverage can as a packaging format. We’re impressed with Rexam’s ability to take our need to create a design with a stand out visual and translate this onto can.”

Uwe Schmolling, Rexam sales manager in Germany, commented: “In light of the upcoming European football championship, the can is the perfect packaging format for outdoor events. Being lightweight, shatterproof and portable makes the can an ideal format for on-the-go consumption. It was fantastic to work with BLC Black Label again to create these striking designs and we know that their consumers will love them.”

Rüdiger Kasch, board member of Coop eG, added: “Not only is Schwarze Eule highly recognisable, but it also comes with an outstanding taste. With the launch of these three new varieties, their innovative approach continues and contributes to the next chapter of this young brand’s success story.”

The cans, manufactured out of Rexam’s Recklinghausen plant and launched in April 2016, are available to German consumers exclusively through Coop eG. The launch is being supported by POS as well as social media and online activities.


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