BAMA publishes aerosol safety guide

BAMA, the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association, has published the latest edition of its guide ‘The Warehousing of Aerosols: A BAMA Guide to Safe Storage’.

This is the fifth edition of the publication for those engaged in storage and handling of aerosols.

It covers the general requirements for safe storage; regulations; safety issues; control of hazards; and the safe disposal of aerosols.

Dr Paul Jackson, BAMA’s technical director, said: “Storage of filled aerosols requires careful consideration because of the risks associated with flammable propellants and liquids in order to avoid warehouse fires. The storage of filled aerosols has been the subject of much study by BAMA. The purpose of our guide is to help maximise safety levels in aerosol warehouses, whether in large or small operations”.

The key changes in this edition of the guide are amended guidance notes on the COMAH regulations following the changes in 2015 whereby a hazard category – ‘flammable aerosols’ – was introduced. In addition, the guide contains some new Annexes to highlight the many changes in the regulations, many of which will only affect larger warehouse operators.

Advice on retail storage of aerosols is available, free of charge, from BAMA in a separate publication: ‘Guide to Retail Storage and Display of Aerosols’. For copies of either of these guides, email [email protected].

For members of the association the Warehousing Guide is free of charge, for non-members there is a nominal fee of £100.

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