Chivas Regal collaborates with Crown

Crown has continued its collaboration with Chivas Regal (Chivas) to produce a one of a kind shaped tin for the brand’s Generosity: Amplified initiative.

The package is round at the top and gradually transforms into a square shape at the bottom, easily standing out from the traditionally shaped whisky tins seen on store shelves and helping catch the eye of discerning consumers. A brand new design, the tin celebrates the creative partnership between Chivas and LSTN Sound.

Crown’s design team in Mansfield, United Kingdom facilitated and advised on the design and brought an array of decorative elements together to help Chivas create the tin. The theme of music serving as inspiration, the tin’s photo quality graphics were created with high quality print and inks that encapsulate Chivas’ chosen motif. An embossing technique is used in select areas of the design to enhance how the package feels when it is in the hands of consumers and add a touch of elegance.

Both Chivas and LSTN Sound recognise the growing desire amongst modern gentlemen to seek authenticity and depth in both their lifestyle choices and purchase decisions.

“We’re proud to be involved in the creative partnership between Chivas and LSTN Sound Co,” said Veronique Curulla, marketing director at Crown. “That commitment to excellence and detail is something we strive for every day at Crown, as we try to bring our customers’ visions to life. In this case, we developed new tooling to deliver a tin shape that was not only visually appealing, but also added value in terms of supply chain efficiency and shelf stackability.”

Katy Buchan, design manager of Chivas Regal, added: “This special edition series celebrates the commitment to substance and style that are the hallmarks of any craftsperson and complements the values on which the Chivas Regal brand was built.”

The Chivas Regal round to square limited edition tin is now available now.



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