Crown expands French facility to support corned beef market

Crown has added a manufacturing line in its Périgueux, France plant to help meet demand from consumers in Europe and around the world. The line became operational in December 2016 and has the capacity to produce 50 million 7oz and 12oz cans per year.

The package has a traditional ‘tongue’ opening as vintage styling continues to be a novelty for consumers. However, the shaping and forming process required to give the tin its distinctive appearance dates back to the 19th century, making it increasingly difficult for corned beef manufacturers to keep up with current market demand. The new line has been designed to bridge this gap and use a completely new forming process to shape the welded can and form the tongue, making it far easier to open.

“Global meat consumption is projected to increase by more than 4% per person over the next ten years thanks to more prosperous economies and expanding populations,” commented Olivier Aubry, business development and marketing director at Crown.

French processor COVI, which produces approximately 20 million cans of corned beef each year, welcomes the new line, as the iconic food cans are the preferred packaging format for corned beef thanks to metal’s wide ranging performance benefits and product protection capabilities.

“This new production capacity will enable us to meet current levels of demand and to capitalise on the many growth opportunities in this sector, in Europe as well as in developing regions such as the Middle East and Africa,” explained Patrice Bourigault, managing director of COVI.


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