Fanta’s canned jelly soft drink

The Coca-Cola company has announced the addition of a new jelly canned soft drink to its Fanta brand in New Zealand.

Jelly Fizz consists of the Fanta soft drink blended with liquid jelly pieces. Each can must be shaken ten times before opening, in order to release the “jelly fizziness”.

Gina Beck, Fanta brand manager, commented: “It’s like a delicious, liquid jelly – a soft drink blended with juicy liquid jelly pieces. You can’t really explain it to someone, they have to try it for themselves.”

The original Jelly Fizz concept, known as Furu Furu Shaker, was previously launched in Japan and Hong Kong.

Jelly Fizz is available in orange and raspberry flavours in 200ml cans and 4x200ml can packs.

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