Ardagh reveals seafood investment in Morocco

Ardagh’s metal packaging production plant in Casablanca, Morocco, is marking its tenth anniversary with the announcement of a new enhancement of its steel seafood can production capability.

According to Ardagh, the investment which incorporates enhanced production, inspection and palletisation features is hoped to consolidate the company’s position as a leading producer of seafood cans.

Ardagh has standardised a body gauge dimension of 0.14mm on its seafood packaging globally, said to be the thinnest gauge in the industry, enhancing the products’ sustainability footprint.

Patrick Savouré, commercial director of Ardagh’s seafood sector, said: “The recent worldwide interest in seafood canning is not only based on its health, sustainability and preservative qualities. Well-known restaurants around the world are now serving seafood dishes as a trendy starter in their original cans, and consumers are keeping the cans as collectors’ items.”

Savouré also quoted a recent 60 minute French TV documentary (on France 5, 20 May 2018) about seafood canning. “It seems that this most traditional and best form of seafood packaging is back in vogue, and with our worldwide network of plants, pioneering technology and impressive R&D capabilities Ardagh is uniquely placed to benefit.”

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