Stella Artois updates packaging design

AB InBev has announced the launch of a new packaging design for UK alcohol brand, Stella Artois. The new look is a traditional yet modern representation of the Stella Artois brand, which ‘aims to champion its proud heritage while still looking forward to the future’.

The updated branding was developed in partnership with global brand design agency Jones Knowles Ritchie, and includes a redrawn logo adapted from its original historic form. Texture has been added to the can in the form of ‘rays’ which draw attention to the central emblem, with a matte finish being added from early 2019 next year.

Stella Artois conducted research with consumer preference in mind, which revealed that versus the current pack visuals, the new design drove statistically significant uplifts in perceptions of being ‘modern, sophisticated’ alongside a statistically significant lift in shelf stand out.

Alexis Berger, marketing director for Stella Artois Europe, commented, “Design is absolutely integral for any brand and as a brewer with 600 years’ heritage we do not take redesigns lightly. We are incredibly proud of the new direction the brand aesthetic is taking, highlighting our Belgian heritage but also modernising Stella Artois to lead consumers’ expectations of premium. We’re confident this refreshed design will stand out on shelves and highlight the qualities of Stella Artois which make us the UK’s favourite alcohol brand.”

The refreshed design will begin to feature across all Stella Artois packs in the coming weeks and on Stella Artois 4% later in the year.

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