New MetalPremium blankets product from Koenig & Bauer

Koenig & Bauer has expanded its range of MetalPremium blanket products.

The MetalPremium RBC blanket, which is available exclusively for MetalStar 3 printing presses with RBC (Rapid Blanket Change), is now also available as a splined version for presses with a tension bar. The MetalPremium TFC (Thermoplastic Film Carrier) is available for MetalStar 2 and MetalStar 3 presses without RBC.

The new blankets have been produced with adaptations to save customers time and money, including a thermoplastic film as carrier which gives high dimensional stability, removing the need for manual re-tensioning.

The need to renew calibrated packing sheets is removed as the blankets have the correct and optimum packing height already, with a material thickness of 2.35 mm.

The substructure or compressibility of the blanket is specifically adapted to the requirements of the MetalStar press to ensure optimum unwinding characteristics within the press.

The blanket can be also be cut to the format of the substrate to avoid unwanted ink transfer from the printing plate via the blanket to the impression cylinder outside the printing format, so-called “picture framing”. Depending on the substrate format, blankets can be cut to size and used repeatedly.

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