Ball launches new aerosol can in Paris

Ball is introducing its new 360° aerosol can at this year’s ADF&PCD exhibition in Paris.

The new technology develops existing can contouring abilities further, using a process that allows custom shaping, symmetrically or asymmetrically, up to the full circumference of the can.

Combining Ball’s graphics expertise with innovative shaping, the new aerosol can is visually engaging from every angle. Ball says the “true value of the 360° is found where graphics and embossing intersect” as artwork oriented to the recessed area complements the shaping and allows for dynamic detail, “adding drama without clutter”.

Global innovations director, Jason Galley said: “360° brings can design to the next level, as varied shaping is available around the entire circumference of the can. The recessed area goes beyond visual engagement: It also provides ergonomic benefits to the customer. The shaped area can be oriented in a way that provides the consumer with grip, a feature that comes in handy with products where slippage is a usability concern.”

Held in Paris on Jan. 30–31, 2019, visit Ball at the ADF&PCD exhibition at stand V12.

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