Guinness World Record broken for ‘most cans opened simultaneously’

Stolle Machinery was the major sponsor of a record setting event on September 18 2019 in Sidney, Ohio. As part of the Shelby County bicentennial celebration, several thousand school children and public gathered in Sidney High School stadium and broke the record for ‘Most people opening drink cans simultaneously’.

The previous record was set in Japan in 2018 for 1,204 cans. The new record is now 2,344 cans and is an official Guinness World Record.

Stolle Machinery has a major manufacturing facility in Sidney which designs and builds industry-standard Stolle EOE conversion systems. Ralph Stolle, the namesake of the company, started his operations in Sidney in 1961, and a number of his grandchildren attended the record-breaking event.

The cans used in the event were made by Ardagh and delivered by BevSource to Moeller Brew Barn in Maria Stein, Ohio where they were filled with water and labeled for the event.

Next Generation

The primary participant group was 6th through 12th grade school children from around Shelby County. The students were exposed to information about the can industry throughout the experience, from facts on the recyclability of aluminum and the incredible precision and speed of the manufacturing process, to the opportunities for employment once they graduate. Educational materials on the can making process and related facts were supplied to teachers for use after the event.

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