Liberty Liège-Dudelange joins APEAL

APEAL, the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging, has welcomed a fifth member, uniting all of the European producers of steel for packaging.

The new member, Liberty Liège-Dudelange, which operates three production sites in two countries, is a subsidiary of international metals and industrial group, Liberty House, part of the GFG Alliance.

Tony Waite, president of APEAL, said: “We are delighted to welcome Liberty Liège-Dudelange to APEAL. It is a significant step in the drive to strengthen our industry, drive growth and improve the wider understanding of steel as a sustainable packaging solution, its unique properties contributing directly to its excellent recycling performance and its ability to preserve food and reduce waste.”

Jean-Francois Willem, head of quality and product development at Liberty Liège-Dudelange, said: “Europe is on a journey from a linear to a circular economy and we are all determined to help raise awareness of steel for packaging as a truly sustainable material and a positive choice for the environment.

“APEAL is the reference for steel for packaging in Europe – joining the association is therefore the right choice for our company and the other members of APEAL.”

Through its co-ordinated activities in public affairs and communications, as well as environmental and technical initiatives, APEAL is committed to ensuring support for steel for packaging from policy-makers, brands, packaging manufacturers and retailers as a tried, tested and sustainable packaging solution.

With an enlarged membership, APEAL aims to deliver a stronger voice for steel packaging in Brussels and increased sustainability and innovation activities for the industry as a whole.

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