Alupro appoints Prova to champion aluminium packaging benefits

Alupro has appointed cleantech and environmental communications consultancy, Prova, to manage its external public relations activities. The agreement will see Prova deliver a powerful campaign to champion the benefits of aluminium packaging.

Partnering with Prova will help Alupro to maintain its position as the sought-after authority of the sector and position aluminium positively in the national packaging debate, as well as build strong links with the metal packaging sector to stimulate the UK’s collection infrastructure.

Bev Burnham, head of marketing & communications at Alupro, commented: “Aluminium is a true packaging champion. It has an intrinsically high value, can be recycled indefinitely and contributes to a perfectly circular economy.

“With climate change and sustainability continuing to hit the headlines across mainstream media, we wanted to champion the numerous benefits of aluminium packaging and celebrate its circularity. Partnering with Prova will help us to increase our voice and influence behavioural change – a key priority in the midst of government consultations regarding packaging and collections.”

Richard Postins, managing director at Prova, added: “Alupro is respected nationwide for its extensive work across the aluminium packaging loop. Over the coming months, we’re looking forward to working in close partnership with the team to lead the legislative debate, celebrate the circularity of aluminium packaging and build strong relationships across the sector.”

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