Keep it local

It is always good to receive stories that are a bit quirky, that tell a local story or showcase the efforts of a small business. One such product story that will be covered in the next issue of CanTech International is how the last remaining can maker in London, William Say & Co, cost-effectively produced a short run of 100 Christmas gift cans for its customers using new digital printing technology

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The Circular Economy…

As awareness and concern for the environment increases, there is a growing interest and movement towards creating a Circular Economy. We are told that circularity is more than just recyclability, but the metal packaging industry is already at an advantage in helping to create more circularity in that much of what is produced can easily be sorted, recycled or reused. 

Encouraging news

According to preliminary figures recently released by the Environment Agency, the volume of aluminium packaging collected for recycling in the UK reached its highest ever level in 2020, which is very encouraging.

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