Crown celebrates INX Can Design Contest win with trophy

The celebration is continuing at Crown Brand-Building Packaging after winning INX International Ink Co’s inaugural Colored by INX Can Design contest in April. Esveydi Rossano and the production team responsible for the victorious entry reportedly continue to find exceptional value in using the INX Metal Color Catalog on new projects, and in their quest to create another award-winning design to defend the title with next year.

“I’m so proud of all the people on production, in the offices, our suppliers in Crown Mexico; behind all of the cans there is passion for our job,” stated Rossano, the graphic designer who submitted the winning entry. “I’m so lucky to belong to this team. Thank you INX for creating the Color Catalog. It helps us do our job more efficiently.”

Several other graphic designers involved with the project expressed their gratitude: “Winning the INX award is a little sample of the high printing quality we’ve been doing in Mexico,” acknowledged Oscar Ocampo.

“It’s the result of the joint efforts of many people during many years”, added Jesus Mariscal, “The use of the catalogue helps to make customers aware of the tones that can be given with an adequate application of ink, which makes our printing processes efficient.”

Jose Antonio Nateras concluded: “With the INX catalogue (which includes the INX Digital Color library), we’ve been able to reduce the time it takes to get an approval from our clients. They can easily pick it up and see the colour they want to use, which also allows them to make colour combinations and experiment with their designs and having a real reference they can trust for the colour fidelity of their labels.”

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