Imeta opens new production facility

Imeta's new facility is right next to its existing main structure

Over the course of nearly 60 years, Imeta has continuously expanded and changed locations.

The company’s last 3,700 square meter production facilities were opened in 2005, when the total number of employees was about 45. Now, with almost double the staff and triple the turnover, Imeta needs additional room.

Imeta has acquired a building right next to its main structure. The new area of about 1,000 sqm has been dedicated strictly to the machine overhaul department, in order to guarantee an adequate working environment for this activity.

The Production department is just few steps away from Imeta’s new facility, so that if any parts are needed they can be provided promptly. Imeta has allocated the Customer Service management in the same building, as well as some Engineering staff strictly dedicated to follow the overhaul projects.

The company’s new facility also benefits from large meeting rooms and a wide range of machines. Imeta is now also holding seamer classes there.

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