Metpack 2021 cancelled

Messe Essen has announced the cancellation of the 2021 Metpack event.

The announcement came in March this year that Metpack had been rescheduled to 23-27 February 2021, however the organisers have now said that “a serious preparation of the fair is unfortunately not possible” due to the ongoing developments of the coronavirus pandemic, combined with confusing international and national travel restrictions. 

In a joint statement, Sabina Großkreuz, senior vice president, marketing at Messe Essen, and Christina Kleinpaß, head of project, commented:

“The entire team has put all its efforts into the realisation of the event. However, after numerous discussions and emails that we have held and received over the last few days, it has become clear that a large proportion of our exhibitors consider participation impossible under the current conditions. A successful realisation of the Metpack in the usual scope and with the positive atmosphere as in the previous years cannot be achieved, according to our common demand.

“Too great are the health concerns, organisational and economic impairments as well as the low expectations regarding the number of international visitors on the part of all participants.

“The reversal of the fees already paid for the stand rent as well as the advance payment of ancillary costs and the energy and environmental contribution will take place shortly. Only the media flat rate and services already provided, such as test statics, cannot be reimbursed. It is not necessary to cancel separately the services ordered directly from Messe Essen. This is done automatically. For the payment of your credit balance, please inform us of your current bank account details at the following e-mail address: [email protected].”

Messe Essen is yet to announce a new date for the event.

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