Bevcraft orders first Tonejet Cyclone digital can printer in Europe

Darren Fenton and Ciarán Gorman, co-founders of Bevcraft Group

Tonejet has announced that Bevcraft Group has ordered the UK’s first Tonejet Cylone direct-to-can digital printer.

The printer is able to produce short runs of premium quality 330ml cans whilst eliminating waste, shortening supply chains, and reducing production costs.

The introduction of the Tonejet Cyclone to its portfolio will provide Bevcraft with a flexible short run option for decorating beverage cans, complementing its existing can decoration processes. Bevcraft’s new digital capability will give craft brand owners the ability to develop a market presence without the minimum order constraints of traditionally printed cans.

Darren Fenton, COO at Bevcraft, said: “Given the current climate, it might be considered a brave time to invest in new technology, but our objective is to support our partners as they work to return to normal trading conditions during the pandemic. In achieving that, the Cyclone will provide them with the flexibility of production to cost effectively get back-up and running, with smaller batches.

“The Cyclone end-to-end system is a total game changer in terms of can decoration for the craft market. It will provide us with a cost effective, environmentally sustainable alternative for decorating small can batches from 1 to 50,000 units – still small quantities for the can industry.”

The printing system comprises all the equipment required to decorate necked beverage cans, including a depalletizer, a can inspection system, can cleaning and printing units, an over-varnish bake oven, a repalletizer and all associated can transports and conveyers. Blank cans can be decorated in any combination effortlessly before they are palletized for filling or shipping.

Rob Day, Tonejet’s CEO, said: “Bevcraft’s Cyclone installation will open up a whole new packaging supply option for European craft brewers. Crucially, it allows craft beverage producers, many of whom strive to be carbon-neutral, to cost-effectively can small batches without the use of plastic labels or sleeves which can be problematic to recycle.”

The Tonejet Cyclone is expected to be installed at Bevcraft’s Peterborough facility, representing an opportunity for significant growth. Also offering a mobile canning service to its service offering.

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