Guinness adds canned nitro cold brew coffee beer to its portfolio 

Guinness has launched a new product – Guinness Nitro Cold Brew Coffee beer – which is available in cans.

It is brewed using cold brew coffee extract and coffee flavours. The beer is best enjoyed straight from the can or poured into a glass to fully activate the widget inside the can. The widget infuses nitrogen into the beer upon opening and re-creates the signature surge and settle effect you get from a Guinness Draught on tap or in a can.

Guinness Nitro Cold Brew Coffee beer is a permanent addition to the company’s portfolio and began appearing on US shelves in March, with expansion now happening nationwide. It is expected to slowly start rolling out to other countries over the next 12-18 months. At 4% ABV, each pack contains four 14.9 fl oz cans, with a suggested retail price of $9.99. It is the latest release from the St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin.

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