Intentional designs

 Anne-Marie Hardie explores some of some of the latest limited edition launches by beverage companies in the US wanting to engage with their consumers and highlight core brand values during the festive season

John Hrdlick to retire from INX

Following a 49-year career in the industry, John Hrdlick has announced his retirement as president and CEO of INX International Ink Co; Bryce Kristo will be promoted and serve as the new president and CEO.

Gin(ie) in a bottle

A spirits businesses based in Herefordshire, England, has announced a switch from glass to aluminium bottles for its gin products; a move that hopefully inspires more beverage companies to do the same.


Stranger times

Having now returned from my extended trip across Thailand and then Bali, the feeling’s a mixed one. Obviously I’ve got the post-holiday blues, but the UK is increasingly a stranger place to be right now.

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