Trivium wins awards for labelling and toy packaging

Trivium has been awarded WorldStar 2022 Global Packaging Awards by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) for two of its innovative metal packaging solutions. The WorldStar Awards judged 440 submissions across 37 countries this year.

The two sustainable packaging solutions recognised with awards are the Bubble Tree Refillable Bubble System in the Toys category and Trivium’s Peel Off End with QR Code Label in the Labeling and Decoration category.

The Bubble Tree Refillable Bubble System is an eco-friendly bubble system that eliminates single-use plastics by using refillable aluminium bottles and an innovative corrugated refill system. The bottles are 100% infinitely recyclable, non-slip, and are easy to hold with an ergonomic grip. Designed to minimise spillage and maximise portability, a wand is integrated into the cap.

For the Peel Off End with QR Code Label, Trivium Packaging has created an innovative anti-counterfeiting solution for an Infant Nutrition market. The peel-off end has a serialised QR code that guarantees the product is fully traceable back to the produce, production location, and even production batch. This project was developed for Infant Milk Formula but can be applied to any product and any market.

Georg Kasperkovitz, president of Trivium’s European Division, said: “We are incredibly proud to be recognised for our work in creating safe, sustainable and innovative packaging systems that help companies meet their consumer’s needs and make a real impact.

“Trivium Packaging’s Peel-off ends are an important innovation in the infant market that can be applied to so many other markets – delivering transparency, authenticity, and safety to the end consumer.”

Trivium’s chief growth officer, Rob Huffman, said: “The toy category has a depth of opportunity to innovate in the area of packaging, particularly in sustainable solutions.  We’re thrilled to highlight Bubble Tree’s 100% infinitely recyclable, refillable aluminium bottle system with this award—a great example of 100% recyclable and refillable packaging that is both standout andsustainable.”

“It’s an honour to be recognised by the WordStar Awards for our packaging. Our ergonomic, refillable aluminium bottles were intentionally designed, keeping the consumer experience at the forefront, while contributing to a healthier planet, reducing plastic waste, and offering a fully recyclable, durable, and attractive vessel that can be reused endlessly. Trivium’s focus on sustainability and innovative expertise brought the vision we had for our bottles to life, exceeding our expectations.” said Bubble Tree founder and CEO, Geoffrey Wasserman.

Winners will be honoured at the prestigious WorldStar Awards Presentations to be held in May of 2022. The winners, by country and by category with images, are available to view on the website:

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