Boundless canned hydrogen water makes new innovation

The benefits of water are well documented. So are those of hydrogen gas. This has led many to suspect that key benefits could be unlocked when these two simple, building-block ingredients are combined. Specifically, the addition of hydrogen gas to water (which already has hydrogen as the “H” in H2O) helps increase the availability of hydrogen for the body to absorb. This led Dr. Shigeo Ohta from Nippon Medical University in Japan to add hydrogen gas to water for the first time in 2007. Since then, the two have been combined in various ways in an attempt to tap into greater health benefits — a process that has been moderately successful — until now.

Boundless is an innovative Australian company that has created a popular hydrogen water brand in the Land Down Under. The enterprise has found remarkable success, partly due to its unique approach to doing business. “Boundless functions not just as a beverage brand but as a global research and technology-focused institution,” says the founder David Goo, “This combination of focal points has helped the Boundless team establish itself as a pioneer in the quickly expanding hydrogen water business.”

One area where this innovative attitude shines is how Boundless combines its two ingredients. It uses a physical infusion process, which it refers to as hydrokinetic ultrasonic fluid mixing. This uses nanotechnology to mix the hydrogen into the water, naturally boosting the latter without the need for chemicals.

Boundless’s commitment to sustainability is also unique. In addition to the usage of 100% recyclable cans, all of its “green” hydrogen molecules come from renewable sources, making the business as good for the Earth’s longevity as its products are for the body’s long-term sustenance. Add in the company’s scrupulous Australian-backed manufacturing methods, and Boundless remains at the cutting edge of a blooming beverage industry that has the potential to redefine how the world views healthy drinks.

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