Eviosys launches Ecopeel can and lid

Image: Eviosys

International packaging giant, Eviosys, has revealed its latest innovation, the Ecopeel.

Set to revolutionise the packaging industry and drive further adoption of metal packaging, according to Eviosys, Ecopeel combines Eviosys’ 200 years of expertise with cutting edge technology to produce a processable food can with a sleek peelable foil directly sealed on the can body.

Ecopeel has been designed with sustainability, convenience and inclusivity at its core. By replacing the traditional ring-pull opening mechanism with foil which is directly sealed onto the can, Ecopeel is made lighter than its contemporaries and facilitates carbon reduction of up to 20% per can. As such, Ecopeel supports businesses in the food industry to achieve their sustainability objectives and drive the move away from plastic.

Ecopeel’s unique sealing surface has also been created with inclusion and the reduction of food waste in mind. The 45° angle reduces the force necessary for opening and allows for 100% full aperture of the can. Additionally, the smooth body of the can allows for full product release unhindered by any extra materials around the opening, thus ensuring easier, more efficient use. Simultaneously, this supports Eviosys’ mission to enhance the inclusivity of metal packaging and builds on the success of their other industry-leading products such as Orbit, to make switching to metal accessible to all.

Listening to the needs of the customer lies at the very heart of Eviosys’ R&D strategy, it says. Understanding that customers want strong sealing efficiency, product visibility on the shelf, convenience, and enhanced sustainability credentials, Eviosys has revolutionised the sealing process to meet all these needs. After Peelfit in 2010 for dry products, Ecopeel is the second Eviosys’ successful commercial launch using direct sealing process.

With Ecopeel, Eviosys mitigates complexity for customers, delivering the can with the foil already sealed via Direct Heat Seal Technology and simply requiring brands to fill and seam the can. In doing so, Ecopeel makes brands’ filling process five times faster, as well as cleaner and safer, reducing spoilage and energy usage.

Furthermore, the peelable foil end offers infinite customisation possibilities by allowing brands to print logos and product imagery all over the surface of the can. In doing so, Ecopeel makes for an attractive option for businesses wishing to make their products stand out from the competition.

Working in collaboration with longstanding customers such as Jealsa and Friscos, Eviosys is also in discussions with other customers across Europe to enhance the roll out of the product and expand the range to other markets including pâté, pet food, and olives.

Tomas Lopez, CEO at Eviosys said: “At our core, we have a laser-like focus on transforming the packaging sector through innovation to enable a truly circular economy. With Ecopeel we can offer our customers this transformed packaging experience; strengthening their sustainability and inclusivity credentials, expediting their internal processes and enhancing their brand visibility. With the product already proving revolutionary in the Spanish and Italian fish market, we are now looking forward to enhancing the roll out of the product and expanding the range to other markets within the food industry.”

Jesus Alsonso, CEO at Jealsa, said:“Protecting the sustainability of our products is core to our values and that’s why we are proudly certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. It is very important to us to work with partners who are innovators and can offer us new ways to adopt more sustainable choices throughout our supply chain – including our packaging. Eviosys’ new product Ecopeel sets a new standard for inclusive, accessible, sustainable, and innovative food packaging, and allows consumers to enjoy our all of our high-quality product with ease.”

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